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Gourmet & Shopping

Basque cuisine, one of the most prestigious worldwide, features a wide variety of exclusive dishes that are all made from excellent raw materials, fish, meat and vegetables. The fusion between tradition and innovation in our cuisine is recognised by the most important international guides and rankings. A good way to discover our pintxos. Exquisitely made small creations and miniature dishes, present in the bars and cafés of Barakaldo. Barakaldo has several shopping areas and streets with top international brands and shops. 

Bars and restaurants

In Barakaldo we have an attractive range of bars and restaurants, where you can relax and enjoy our gastronomy with bussiness colleagues... or more quickly and informally with a pleasant snack at any time of day. 


Bars offering "pintxo" snacks and tapas


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Click HERE to check the different offerings that some of the towns restaurants are preparing for the Biennial.


On Thursdays from 7 pm, a largue number of bars and restuarants in the Arteagabeitia, Zuazo and San Vicente districts celebrate the "pintxo-pote", a special offer in wich when you buy a drink (pote), the accompanying snack (pintxo) costs only €0,50. Come and find out.



Barakaldo also has a wide variety of interesting shops specializing in fashion, accesories, beauty and personal services, amongst other things.


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The towns retail sector plans to celebrate the Biennial by surprising with attractive discounts to people who show BEC! accreditation. Find out which shops will be taking part HERE.